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Hire me to come to your class

The Bag Monster will come and talk to your class about human impact on the environment, the importance of reducing our waste and recycling correctly. I will have a presentation and a hands-on game for students to participate in.

Grades K-12

NGSS and Common Core aligned curriculum

Sliding scale price of $20-$100

Featured Lessons: 

San Diego Ecosystems Mini Unit Bundle (HS)

Measuring Animal Behavior (HS)

San Diego Biodiversity Evolution (HS)

Riparian Ecosystems (HS)

Everyday is Earthday (Elementary)

Teacher Webinar on Student Engagement in Environmental Stewardship

This is a professional development I delivered for teachers at Gompers Preparatory Academy. Here, I explore different ways to engage students in different scince subjects with environmental stewardship. Email me for lesson plans: natureneedssd@gmail.com

Teacher Resources from Local San Diego Organizations

Curriculum and Presentations

Curriculum and Field Trips

Student and Youth Engagement in Environmental Stewardship

This was a blog article that is published on I Love A Clean San Diego's website and can be found HERE

Please let me know if you have any questions. I created these to help all teachers, parents and students engage with and feel a sense of place within their community.

All lessons and worksheets were created by Jessica Ullyott: