Nature Needs SD 

Nature Needs You

Currently our global biodiversity is under threat due to climate change, urbanization and habitat loss. Trying to save all the plants and animals in our region seems like a daunting task, but everyone doing their part can make a big difference. This is known as environmental stewardship.

You Need Nature

You may have been told to make time for self care, but how are you going to find time for that and volunteering? The answer is that you can do both at once! There are incredible health benefits to being outdoors, but volunteering outside has even more! 

Restoration & Protection

These are actions that help in the recovery or preservation of an ecosystem that has been damaged. Examples include removing litter, planting or restoring natural vegetation or removing invasive plants. This is also a great option for students looking to get community service hours!

Making connections

Volunteering connects you to others by making new friends and increasing social and relationship skills. During this pandemic, this is even more important. Volunteering can help many people who are experiencing depression and isolation.

Everyday Choices

These are actions that reduce our carbon footprint. Examples include taking public transit, composting, and the 4 Rs of waste hierarchy

Mental health

Volunteering counteracts the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. It also increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose and  helps you stay physically healthy. 

Sense of place” is the feeling of being connected to your community. Developing a “sense of place” is important for everyone but is also very beneficial for youth. Students who increase their “sense of place” have increased self-efficacy, increased awareness of climate change, and have more pro-environmental behaviors.

Civic Action

These are actions that you can take as a community member that can make long lasting positive environmental changes. Examples include speaking or presenting at town meetings regarding climate change impacts or voting for legislation or candidates who support environmental measures.

Community benefits

Finally, volunteering helps the community at large. Not only are you helping the environment, you are also helping to beautify the community. Green spaces that are well-maintained help to reduce crime leading to safer neighborhoods.

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