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Want to schedule a "Lunch and Learn" or "Make and Take" for your group or buisness?

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1. Recycling/waste reduction - An interactive discussion and PowerPoint that leads people through different recycling laws and statistics. We then discuss our own purchasing power to buy with intention to limit our waste and increase the chances of items being recycled. I also have a load of trash where we will practice our waste sorting.

2. Making personal care products and cleaners at home - I teach a lesson on why it is beneficial to your home, environment and wallet to make products at home. I bring all the ingredients, containers and recipes to make items such as deodorant, facial toner, dry shampoo, sugar scrub, ect. In adition, I could also do a lesson on making your own all purpose cleaner.

3. Food waste reduction- Using an interactive PowerPoint, I talk about new laws and strategies to reduce food waste. My PowerPoint includes local resources for composting and food reduction services such as CSAs and meal prep services. I’ll also share some food-saving recipes (possibly an intro to sourdough for anyone interested).

4. Book Discussion - I am the author of Intentional- a holistic approach to building and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. I would love to talk about my book and open up the floor to a Q&A session about topic such as connecting with nature, enviornmental stewardship, composting, gardenting, recycling, and reducing waste around your home and work.

Consultation Services

Are you looking to make your home or business more sustainable, but need help getting started? I would love to partner with you to help you find personalized solutions. Whether you are looking to lower your waste or move to fully zero waste, I can walk you through steps to achieve your goals!

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